Thursday, April 2, 2020

Welcome to LetsSkateboard

Welcome to LetsSkateboard!

Welcome to the new LetsSkateboard community.
Freshly started on the 2nd of April, 2008 (Publishing date).
Its new and still under construction with different
development occurring.

Check out the News section for any new updates on the
website and to see which features are going to be included!
If you have any suggestions/advice, feel free to post
a comment.

Otherwise stay in tune to check out the latest News
and keep a look out on other sections as they are
updated daily.

Another note, I've got the forum up and running and now
you are able to create an account and post via my LetsSkateboard Forum. Any problems, please contact me!

Take Care


So far in regards to participation of the LetsSkateboard Community
has been great, thanks everyone! Now that I'm seeing more people
sign up, I'll take note to Update the website more often.

Like I've mentioned before, the more people join the more I will
update the Forum + Website. If it gets bigger and bigger I might
consider getting upgrade of hosts and domains! This will allow
better Updates and features and more storage! But it all depends
on you skaters!

Take Care